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Many celebrities shared their messages in support of Bruce Willis
Many celebrities shared their messages in support of Bruce Willis

Many Celebrities Shared Their Messages In Support Of Bruce Willis

The news of Bruce Willis’ retirement from acting has led many in the industry to think that Hollywood has suffered a significant loss. Following the announcement that Willis would definitely step down from his film roles due to having aphasia, his family circulated various messages on social media. Currently, Haley Joel Osment, who starred opposite Willis in The Sixth Sense, M. Evening Shyamalan, who directed the film, and other celebrities, including Kevin Smith and Sylvester Stallone, have paid tribute to the star.

Osment starred in The Sixth Sense as a child who claimed to have the ability to see the dead, and Willis, who suffered from his active functions, played a psychologist trying to help a teenager understand what he was seeing. This film not only made Osment a celebrity, but once again proved what a great star Willis was and how different he could be when given the opportunity. Even though more than twenty years have passed since the film’s launch, it is still regarded as one of Willis’ outstanding achievements.

In an Instagram post, Osment tried to convey how the diversity of a forced retirement life made him feel. Together with a photo of a rejuvenated Willis, the star wrote:

“It was hard to find the right words for someone I looked up to all the time, first in the movies and then, luckily, in person. He is a real story that has graced our entire lives with a unique profession spanning nearly 50 years. I am so grateful that I contacted the witness directly and for the huge amount of work he created for us to enjoy for many years to find. I just wanted to express the respect and deep affection I have for Bruce and his family as they develop with the courage and high spirits that have always distinguished them.”

It didn’t take long for many stars to share their thoughts on Willis’ retirement life on social media. Whether it was those who worked with the star or simply matured with his films, is there a huge outpouring of love for the celebrity that can still be the source of the yearly debate about whether Away Hard is a Christmas movie?

Sixth Sense Supervisor M. Evening Shyamalan wrote: “With all my love and respect for my older brother Bruce Willis. I know his wonderful family borders on his support and resilience. He will always be that hero in that particular poster on my wall as a child.”

Friends of celebrity Matthew Perry, who starred with Willis in All 10 Lawns, encouraged them to meet each other and watch the movie. He wrote: “Dear Bruce Willis, I’m so sorry to hear what’s going on with you, but you’re still the coolest guy I’ve ever met in my entire life. You will remain in my prayers for a very long time. Maybe we should hang out and look at all 10 lawns and get a couple of hours off.

Kevin Smith, who once grumbled at Willis for 10 years after the movie Cop, apologized for his “minor” issues in a message that read: “Long before anything from Cop was, I was a big fan of Bruce Willis – so it’s really heartbreaking to read. He loved to play and sing, and losing that must be devastating to him. I seem like an asshole because of my minor grievances since 2010. I feel very sorry for BW and his family.”

Sylvester Stallone also posted a brief message on his Instagram account along with a set of photos of both of them with each other over the years. He commented, “We are going back a long way, hoping for the best for you and your wonderful family…”

Overall, no one expected Bruce Willis’ retirement to be announced today, and while the celebrity still releases plenty of direct-to-video films, it’s clear he’s likely to be a big loss for the industry. With messages like these and more becoming commonplace, he’ll at least just learn how much he’s appreciated and respected by those he’s worked with over the years.