1. Why COMPUTER SCIENCE? 為什麼要學習計算機科學?

We are living in a world with digital technology, from banking, medicine, entertainment to retail. While our students know how to use it, they rarely learn how it works. Computer science is an integral component of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). To be prepared for the 21st century, students must understand the principles and practices of computer science in order to innovate, succeed and thrive.


從銀行,醫藥,娛樂以至零售行業,我們生活在被科技包圍的世界。學生們學習如何使用不同的科技,然而他們很少了解那些科技是如何運作的。計算機科學是STEM (數理科技- 科學,技術,工程和數學)的一個重要部分。為準備21世紀的挑戰,學生必須了解計算機科學的原理和實踐,以繼續創新並取得成功。


Computer Science Challenge is the first of a kind event in Hong Kong. It is an opportunity for students to test their ability and knowledge in different areas of computer science. And our brilliantly-designed challenges secretly teach you the basics of computer science and enhance your STEM learning. It’s a fun and yet challenging event!



3. What are the eligibility requirements for entering the challenge? 報名資格是什麼?

We welcome any full-time students from primary and secondary schools to join our challenge. We recommend students from P.3 (or equivalent) and above to enter. A team of two students is eligible to enter into the contest. A maximum of two teams allowed from each school/institution.



4. When is the deadline for registration? 什麼時候是報名截止日期?

April 22nd, 2016


5. What are the tasks? How do we prepare for these tasks?大挑戰有什麼任務? 我們如何準備這些任務?

There are three tasks in this 2016 inaugural challenge.

1. Algebra Game Challenge

Description: Train mental arithmetic and mathematical logic thinking skills. An added bonus is getting better at math class!
Preparation: Practice the Algebra Game at www.algebragamification.com and Like Us on our Facebook Page!

2. Save the Animals Programming Challenge

Description: Complete a special level in Save the Animals.
Preparation: Understand programming concepts such as sequencing, procedure and conditionals by downloading the game at www.savetheanimalsgame.com.

3. Dash and Dot A-maze-ing Challenge

Description: Program Dash to navigate a maze.
Preparation: Get familiar with visual programming language Blockly by playing the Blockly games. Get hold of the Dash and Dot if possible or go through the Dash and Dot show to understand how it works.



1. 代數遊戲挑戰賽

說明 :訓練心算和數學邏輯思維能力。連帶使數學成績越來越好!
準備:在www.algebragamification.com 練習代數小遊戲及 Like 我們的Facebook專頁 

2. 動物拯救隊- 編程概念挑戰

說明 : 完成動物拯救隊一個特別的遊戲關卡。
準備:到 www.savetheanimalsgame.com 下載動物拯救隊,了解編程概念如排序,程序和條件。

3. 機械人迷宮挑戰

說明:幫助 Dash 逃出迷宮。
準備:通過Blockly遊戲熟悉Blockly編程語言 。試玩 Dash and Dot (如果你能找到) , 或觀看 Dash and Dot 節目, 了解它是如何運作。

6. Do we need to bring our personal computers/mobile devices along on the day of the challenge?比賽當日,我們是否需要帶我們的個人電腦/流動設備嗎?

YES. Please bring a compatible smart device (phone/tablet) per team with Blockly app preinstalled. We will provide all the other required equipment!


7. What's the workshop about? Who are the target audience?

The aim of the workshop is to provide more information to the participants to prepare them for the challenge, from rules and regulations to detail of the three tasks.

Teachers and students are welcome to join the workshop.

工作坊的目的是為提供更多有關比賽的信息,讓參賽者做好準備,從規則,比賽流程到三個任務的細節 。


8. Do we need to bring our personal computers/mobile devices along on the day of the workshop?工作坊當日,我們需要帶我們的個人電腦/流動設備?

No. We will provide all the required equipments.

我們將提供所有必要的設備 。

9. Can our school teachers and parents come along on the day of the challenge?比賽當日,我們學校老師和家長可以一起出席嗎?

Absolutely yes! We welcome your school teachers and parents to be cheerleaders for your team as your team "battles" courageously at the Amphitheater.